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Big flip in new vehicle sales numbers to start the New Year

With the dollar driven Clean Car Discount now gone, the sales of petrol and diesel vehicles surged to a staggering 96.2% of the January figures. According to the sales figures released by the Motor Industry Association (MIA), BEV only managed to secure a rather sad looking 2% market share which equated to just 274 registrations. The top three models were the BYD SEAL (31 units, 12.7% share), followed by Tesla Model Y (25 units, 10.2% share) and the Toyota BZ4X (23 units, 9.4% share). The PHEV range didn’t do much better either gaining a paltry 1.6% market share with their 202 registrations....

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Best time to invest in solar energy at home

To take advantage of this you need to supply a valid quote from your chosen solar specialist. Your solar installer can supply the documentation required to support your finance application provided they are a current SEANZ member. We recommend using a local provider who can offer you ongoing support and service. Choosing the right solar energy system This worthwhile investment does require understanding the differences between solar energy systems and what they offer is not only important, but essential. Here is some insight into the types of solar energy systems on offer and what they could...

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The Warehouse Whitianga turns on solar power

This marked the Warehouse Group’s first step in their transition to solar, following the announcement of their agreement with Lodestone Energy, that will see more than 250 sites across Aotearoa New Zealand switch to solar energy plans by the end of 2026. The Warehouse Group’s Chief Executive Nick Grayston says “Going solar has been an important ambition for us to achieve across our store network. We estimate that today’s switch will reduce our Scope 2 emissions by at least 808 tonnes of CO2e a year – the equivalent of taking 175 passenger vehicles off the road yearly and steers us towards...

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Message from Hon Scott Simpson – MP For Coromandel

The damage done to local housing, roads, small businesses and to our daily lives has left a lasting mark on so many people. Sometimes the worst of situations brings out the best in people and communities. There was a lot of that during last year’s weather crisis turmoil. Looking back now, for me it is one of the most enduring memories as I saw so many examples of people, neighbours and communities working together to help each other out at a time of great need. In terms of politics, the parliamentary year is well underway and we’ve been making our way through our 100 Day Plan. This month...

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Scammed – A tale of Crypto crime

Note the figure mentioned here are fractions of a crypto coin so 200 UDST = 0.086 of 1 ETH coin. The author has these figures so that there are not so many 0’s and it may make it easier to understand. It started about 18 months ago in the middle of New Zealand’s winter. It was early morning and I was driving on the desert road just as the sun came up. Mount Ruapehu was covered in snow and it was glistening in the early sunlight. I stopped and took a few photos and posted them on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I checked a couple of days later and there were a few likes from my family and...

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Music and sunshine at the Hahei lawn charity concert

The Annual Lawnmowers Son “Music on the Lawn” charity event at Hahei Homestead was a success despite the sunshine swapping with rain and wind squalls at a couple of intervals. This weather kept some away, but a good crowd came regardless. The raffles and auction items donated were ‘over the top’ generous and the organisers thank the sponsors for making the fund raising for the Mercury Bay Cancer Support Trust so significant. Sponsors – Ooh La La Boutique; Hotwater Beach Holiday Park; Hot Waves Café and Day Bar; Hotties Beachfront Eatery; Cathedral Cove Dive and Snorkel; The Church Bistro;...

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Nook – inspired by The Fillery

“I’ve always been focused on trying to do my bit for the environment. I try to live conscientiously,” said Georgia. Georgia studied Environmental Science at Toi Ohoma Institute of Technology in Tauranga. This pushed her into environmental work. Before she opened Nook, Georgia worked for the Mercury Bay Environmental Trust and has done bush restoration and environmental community work. Georgia has always enjoyed shopping plastic-free. She used to shop at The Fillery with Kathryn. “She inspired me. I loved The Fillery so much and I was sad when it closed.” Georgia has been vegan for nine years....

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Star and Space Station Gazing in 2024

Using the Moon in both the morning and evening skies can help us find Venus, Mars, Mercury and Saturn this week as it moves across the sky. It must be back in the same spot in just 28 days as it travels in its orbit around the Earth. Mercury is soon to be lost from view as it rapidly approaches the Sun in the mornings along with Venus which will be joined by Mars at the end of the week. Jupiter remains a brilliant object visible just after dusk in the northeastern sky but is getting ever lower as it moves towards the Sun while much fainter Saturn lies very low in the west but will be very hard...

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A true fishing tale – The story of Will Fransen

BY JOHN FREER OF COROMANDEL’S CFM If the story of Will Fransen spending nearly 24 hours treading water off the Coromandel’s east coast after parting company with his boat is not enough, then add two more components. The first was the recovery of the 12-metre Betty G, off the East Cape coastline 200 kilometres away from where Will went overboard while tagging a marlin. Locals from the Waihau Sport Fishing Club cheered as the Betty G was dragged back into the sea and headed off, under tow, for inspection in Tauranga. The next part was back on the Coromandel Peninsula. Those...

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