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Equestrian Memories And possible future developments in Whitianga for horse riders

Talk of horses and equestrian events and their eyes light up. The Informer recently organised for Ron Cooke and Ady Cole-Ewen to meet each other. This was the first time they had met for many years. In the early 70s, Ron was a client of Ady’s ‘Ewen Equine Clinic’. They both knew the NZ equestrian and horse event scene from way back.
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Ady Cole-Ewen and Ron Cooke.

At their meeting, once on this subject, their enthusiasm is obvious and details of equestrian events and horse shows are bright in both their memories. An additional link shared was the fact that both Ron and Ady have been involved with Riding for the Disabled. At this reunion,  they strongly agreed on two things. 1. Their involvement with horses and all things equestrian was a most enjoyable part of their life. 2. Being around horses and competing in events is very beneficial for young people.

Ady and Ron care about the young people of our time and of our district. Despite the fact that so much has changed in youth culture, they are convinced that young people still love to be around horses. More than just being fun, horses are a unique source of calm for troubled persons of all ages. They would love to see the development of a facility in Whitianga which would enable young people and horses to meet, mingle and work together. Here they are obviously talking about Equestrian opportunities but also of other contact, with horses, learning to ride, grooming and befriending.

This led to a focus on what has already been proposed to the Thames- Coromandel District Council. Ron and the Informer with the backing of around 40 interested persons have approached the Council for the allocation of piece of land from the Sherrif Block. This large piece of land now owned by the Council has been reserved for recreational purposes. A number of projects have already been suggested. However, there is still room on the Sherrif block for more projects.

Ron and The Coromandel Informer have suggested that 10 acres of the block be allocated for the purpose of establishing 1. A permanent equestrian facility, and 2. Space for beginner horse handling and riding and Riding for the Disabled.

The TCDC has yet to comment on this proposal. However, they will meet shortly with interested persons to discuss this concept.

Interested? Contact Ron Cook 027 498 4447