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Church Life

What is so important about Easter to Christians?

It’s the time to remember and celebrate the remarkable influence of the Christian Faith upon our personal, social and national values.
 |  Rev Gillian Reid  | 

Even people who do not claim any particular association with the Christian faith see the value in, and desirability of, all the teachings and examples given as part of living a Christian life. A desire for peace, active caring for others, seeking justice for those who are living with injustice, constantly hoping for a better world both socially and environmentally, sharing love with family, friends, and those who feel lost or have little love in their lives.

For Christians, these are all bound up in the life and ministry example of one man. Jesus Christ, whose ministry on earth lasted only three years, but whose influence has spread throughout our world and is still seen as important over two thousand years after his death. For Christians Jesus is more than just a good man doing and saying good things which are worth applying in one’s own life. For Christians he is demonstrably the son of God. He went willingly to a death he could have avoided, knowing his death would bring forgiveness of human sin in any who believed in him, and knowing that God would raise him from that death.

In a twenty-first Century world with almost universal costs of living crises, incredible aggression, and conflict at both local and international levels, plus finally an acknowledgement that the world is on the brink of climate change catastrophe, Christians gather their courage to contribute something of themselves towards better outcomes for all these challenges. We do that, because we carry not only the confidence and faith that after the darkness of his death, Jesus showed by his resurrection, that hope is still alive. We also believe that successfully facing all the challenges in front of us is possible because we have Jesus walking beside us. Because he lives, love and hope live, and Easter is our time to remember and celebrate that.

Gillian is the Minister or Vicar of St Peter the Fisherman Anglican Church in Dundas Street, Whitianga.