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Cathedral Cove IS the destination

Ken Hindmarsh is excited about this coming summer. The company that he shares with his wife, Lesley – Cathedral Cove Scenic Cruises, was ten years old last week.  
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The Cathedral Cove Scenic Cruises is on the ‘Must-do’ list of things to do when you visit the Coromandel Peninsula. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the Cove, land on the Cathedral Cove beach and see a coastline of immense beauty and there are some other marine delights to savour as well. Ken is quite the tour guide.

His excitement and optimism are due to the strongly helped hope that the years of covid and then one year of severe downturn following cyclones Hale and Gabrielle resulting in the closure of the main highway to Whitianga, are all in the past.

Ken decided to pack up the corporate life and establish a new one in Whitianga a little over ten years ago. He has not regretted it despite the disappointments of the last three years.  

The cruises depart daily from the Whitianga Wharf on The Esplanade in Whitianga. Tours are 2.5 hours long, with spectacular views, and if you are lucky, seals, bird life, and many species of fish are to be encountered.  Dolphins and orca, on rare occasions, can be part of the tour experience.

With SH 25 A – Taparahi Bridge being opened in a few days; the world seems brighter.

The long- term forecast is for a long and stable summer, warm temperatures and far less rain, so that’s worth celebrating,” says Ken. 

“As always, we endeavour to provide the very best experience for our passengers. They have come on our tour already committed to having an experience; so, it is our job to meet that expectation and even to exceed it.

“My role as a tour operator is to provide a memorable adventure. I want to help every passenger capture their experience. I have learned over the years and in all weathers, when and where to take the best photos, so I help people with that.

Children and adults of all ages have a very good time on the tours Ken leads. It does help that he never grows tired of this beautiful place. The scene is always different and there is so much beauty to see and so much to pack in the two and half hours.  

It is a long way from Ken’s corporate job in Auckland which he doesn’t miss at all.

Comments from passengers after a trip with Cathedral Cove Scenic Cruises

“The caves were amazing.” “The information Ken tells us is very good and so interesting. “

“Because it is a small group, we can ask questions and hear the answers.”

“Our small children have loved it too, as it is not too long for them.”

“We were comfortable in the Cathedral Cove boat and could see everything.”