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Local Government

Water woes in great big chunks

The central government agencies in their present form have been set up to solve problems and anticipate issues that would negatively effect the environment. I listen a lot to their representatives who keep quoting science.
 |  Malcolm Campbell  | 

When I look out the window in a physical sense, the evidence is that the creatures that were once in the environment have gone!

When I look out the window in a metaphorical sense, I see whole departments working to long term plans that have initiated endless projects with forty aims but with some devastating results and a disenchanted and discouraged farming poulation.

Our survival and clean water

Everybody is interested in water for a very good reason, even if they don’t think about it. That good reason is survival.

We, all of us, can survive for a lengthy period without food, but we cannot by comparison survive for long without water. We, the general population, drink water, bathe and shower in it, keep our vegetables alive with it and our trees and flowers, put our fires out with it, keep our livestock alive with it. The list of requirements for water are simply endless. As mentioned previously, when astronauts and scientists are examining the basics of another planet, the first big task is to find out if water is present and in usable or available quantities.

Obviously, water is critical to life. It is just so simple, no water, no life!!

The following are a list of agencies, all twelve of them, professing to be safeguarding, monitoring, generally assisting in the preservation of aquatic health the length and breadth of the country and extending into the oceans.

The New Zealand Government sets the rules through the Resource Management Act. This is an Act to preserve the life supporting capacity of the air, soil and water. RMA, in its role to protect our resources, is failing with the silent condoning of the use of poisons!

Department of Conservation (DoC)  Considerable interest in waterways country wide and the health of estuaries. Applies deadly poison to water!

Environment Protection Agency. This is a government agency controlling fast-track  RMA consent applications. EPA does not prevent poisoning of water yet claims to protect the environment!

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) Comments on the health of waterways, lakes and seawater. Is aware of the application of deadly poison to water ways.

Land Information New Zealand. This has authority over some lakes and rivers with administrative control in some areas. Their practices include applying deadly poison to water.

Regional Councils and Unitary Councils. Exert New Zealand wide authority over discharges to water, storage of water and likely contaminants to water. Applying deadly poison to water.

District Councils. Control of local waterways including land drainage, roadside drainage, and urban domestic water supply. Applying deadly poison to water.

Hauraki Gulf Forum. Twenty-two member Statutory Body to oversee the health of Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. The Gulf is receiving fresh water, contaminated by poison applied by Local Authorities.

Land and Water Aotearoa. A consortium of representatives of the above agencies to correlate actions by groups to safeguard the environment. No objection to application of poison to water.

Environment Defence Society. Supports Resource Management Act. The ACT ‘Resource Consent’ process allows authorities and others to permit themselves to apply poison to water.

Fish and Game. Authorises hunting, shooting and fishing. Issues licences to shooters and fishermen. No objection to the application of deadly poison to water eg 1080 and herbicides.

Forest and Bird. Exactly the same applies to Forest and Bird as to Fish and Game, no objection to the application of deadly poison to water. The bird population land and water fowl is in freefall.

By any standards the list above is an impressive amount of fire power. So what is going wrong? For a lengthy period now, all the boffins have been and still are pointing their fingers at farm runoff and they have e-coli on the brain. Not a single solitary boffin has examined the major changes that have occurred since 1965. Take for example the lakes (ponds) at Cooks Beach recently covered in The Informer that are now full of green yucky slime. Reports indicate that poisoning of water weeds had been taking place for twenty years without eradicating the weeds, all the while destroying the water quality. until it is now more or less putrid! The effect of this poisonous onslaught is to destroy the natural biology of the water and soil, preventing any natural healing whatsoever. For how long are our poison brigade authorities, going to administer death dealing products into the environment and at the same time wishing for a miracle return of the creatures already destroyed. If all of the agencies listed above disappeared, then the poisoning would stop dead!! (Pardon the pun.)

Quote – “Observe nature and read books. If the books do not agree with nature, throw away the books!” William A Albrect

Extract from interview with Malcolm Campbell – “Am I the drip wearing away a stone?”