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TCDC’s draft Long Term Plan

Informer correspondent Flemming Rasmussen (Leave social services to Wellington, 5 March Informer) is right when he argues that in these tough times TCDC should focus on delivering essential services. That’s exactly what our Long Term Plan sets out to do when proposing Council’s projects and expenditure for the next 10 years.
 |  Aileen Lawrie  | 

We’ve prioritised spending on essential services as well as building resilience to shock events in our communities.

This includes ensuring our road network is fit for purpose, that our ageing infrastructure is replaced, that infrastructure needed for residential and commercial growth is built, and that we protect our communities from the effects of sea-level rise and coastline damage.

Our Council has a responsibility under law to ensure the wellbeing of communities. Section 10 of the Local Government Act 2002 states that one of the key purposes of local government is to “promote the social, economic, environmental, and cultural wellbeing of communities in the present and for the future”.

We found that with the roads out for an extended period, and following on from the effects of successive Covid lockdowns, we had all sorts of social issues that were affecting our people. We found that our Council had a role to play in connecting our communities – in collaborating, facilitating and joining up our people and places with social and health services that were available. We accessed government funding to promote employment opportunities, better transport, mental and physical health initiatives and community events.

There is also further evidence that after the last year’s weather events, our Council’s advocacy and coordination of social wellbeing made a real difference to thousands of people around the Coromandel.

So, in the social services space, Council is not a delivery agent, but we play a role. With the government cyclone social recovery funding ending in June 2025, for this LTP we’re asking for public feedback on whether this investment in community development should continue.

We’re keen for as many people as possible to have their say on our proposed Long Term Plan and the priorities for the next decade. Have a read of our LTP consultation document and supporting information and give us your feedback by 8 April, available online at or at one of our service centres.

TCDC exercises its right of reply to the Flemming Rasmussen opinion article “Leave social services to Wellington”. Issue 5 March, 2024.