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Message from Hon Scott Simpson

This year’s Budget delivers on National’s core promise to provide New Zealanders with tax relief.
 |  Scott Simpson  | 

MP For Coromandel

We campaigned on this policy because hardworking Kiwis deserve to keep more of what they earn, especially as households across the Coromandel and the wider country have been battling the cost of living.

When I meet with people in our communities, conversation quickly turns to the struggle local businesses are facing to stay afloat, the pressure on families to pay their weekly bills, and the feeling that it is harder to get ahead.

Our tax package targets relief to low and middle-income households. Families with young children are set to benefit most. It gives average income households up to $102 a fortnight, plus Family Boost childcare payments of up to $150 per fortnight for eligible families.

Since the coalition Government took office last year, we’ve been relentlessly focused on cutting wasteful spending and getting the books in order. This measured approach has meant our tax package does not add to Government debt, because it’s funded through a combination of savings and new revenue measures.

We have also been able to reprioritise spending allocations and direct them to areas which will make the most difference to New Zealanders’ everyday lives.

It means giving $191 million to Police to recruit 500 extra sworn officers and provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs.

It means allocating $16 billion to Healthcare to fund more doctors, more hospital and specialist services, more breast screening, more mental health services, and more medicines. It means making a $2.9 billion investment in Education to deliver more teachers, structured literacy, the healthy schools lunch programme, and charter schools.

Like the rest of New Zealand, communities across the Coromandel will benefit from the responsible approach taken by the Finance Minister and the coalition Government. This Budget can’t solve every issue we are facing as a country or as a community, but it’s a crucial step toward rebuilding the economy and assuring taxpayers that they won’t be taken for granted by this Government.

New Zealanders will experience tax relief for the first time in 14 years when our tax package takes effect on 31 July 2024. Visit calculator to find out how much you could benefit.

Finally, one of the things I enjoy most as an MP is the opportunity to meet with representatives from our many and varied ethnic communities. It was a special thrill to be able to share a wonderful night in Whitinga with members of our local Filipino community as they celebrated the 126th Philippines Independence Day. A wonderful evening of entertainment, dance, colour and culture. Thank you one and all.