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Key points made at LTP hearings

Last week at the Thames TCDC chambers verbal submissions were presented in person and by zoom to our elected councillors.
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• Warning as to unlimited growth – asking for a pause on this.

• A need to slow down costs during the cost-of-living crisis  to allow time for Council to rethink the current Strategic Planning approach.

• The current top-down and historical approach to planning needs to change.

• The status quo is not working meaning the way Long Term Planning  is led and presented.

• There needs to be equity and fairness in terms of TCDC’s Financial Strategy.

• The average salary of the Management team within TCDC is $130/140 k a year. A salary that is at least double the average income of our households in the peninsula.

• Since 1996 we have had eight cyclones plus numerous weather events all claimed to be1:250 year events. To do nothing is no longer an option.

• Council is still approving building consents with floor levels below the crown of roads with no overland flow paths.

• To our elected member, please change the culture.

• There is a perceived lack of listening by those who make decisions, to the people who pay their rates. 

• It is as if those who prepare the LTP know best and the residents know far less. This may not be the case.

All the submissions are in. The dates are set for councillors to consider the comments and research and hard work of the residents, Comunity Boards, and also the staff of TCDC. The practicality of united team being transparent and frugally spending on essential services for a lightly populated, beautiful  and vulnerable region may yet come.