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From Wharekaho – Simpsons Beach

As a permanent Resident and Ratepayer, I am advised by TCDC (in the top 5 of listed priorities on the website) that I will enjoy
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Item 1. ‘It’s their problem not ours’

A district wide roading network under the care of TCDC – this relates to a very small area of roading – with little traffic.

The main road is SH25 which is under the care of NZ Land Transport (Waka Kotahi) and has issues that they seem reluctant to rectify.  (Two major ‘bumps’ in the road, which when hit by trucks and trailers, significantly rock the foundations of the homes they pass). We have had no support from TCDC with addressing these issues – just the usual to and fro of “that’s their problem, not ours,” which is repeated back to us by NZ Land Transport (Waka Kotahi).

Meanwhile, the flooding of properties from the poorly aligned main highway continues to plague a number of landowners.  Likewise, the flooding of SH25 at the one lane bridge which can no longer cope with the added storm water drainage from the Wharekaho subdivision. We are now regularly compromised by being cut off from Whitianga.

A communication received recently from TCDC stated that the one lane bridge was in “robust condition” and did not need replacing.  The condition of the bridge has never been in question.  The design of the bridge most certainly has.  A letter from NZ Land Transport (Waka Kotahi) clearly stated the bridge design was at fault and it needed to be replaced.  If you are unable to communicate successfully with other government organisations there are serious issues here.

Item 2. Safe drinking water at the turn of a tap

We have no reticulated water.

Item 3. Flush Toilets

I repeat – We have no reticulated water. No sewage, and no grey water. We provide our own water treatment systems, tanks, bores and water pumps. As septic tanks reach their use-by date we have replacement costs around $30,000 plus for an environmentally approved replacement.  Yet TCDC still demands exorbitant rates which, until now, we have continued to pay while we have waited for over 30 years for basic infrastructure to be provided.

People reliant on bores have no guarantees as to the quality of the water they drink.  Septic tanks inevitably leach into the soil/sand and they should all have been retired from use long ago.

Item 4: Rubbish and recycling

Yes! Not 100% successful – but available.

Item 5:  Well maintained footpaths and roads.

Please read Item 1 again.

Apart from the footpath provided by developers to give access to the beach for residents in the new subdivision, we have no footpaths. In a growing community with more and more permanent residents, including families with school children, we have no safe footpath along what is acknowledged to be one of the narrowest State Highways in the country.

We are a suburb of Whitianga and cannot safely walk into town.  Let alone cycle.  SH25 is too narrow and too busy, with no footpath, to be safe for either foot or cycle traffic. A highly esteemed Ngati Hei elder has had to leave Wharekao to live in Auckland because of this reality. This person is responsible for one of the main tourist attractions here in Whitianga. A home so loved could be returned to if there was a safe footpath.

Mum’s with strollers, kids off the school bus, and the elderly and disabled have no option but to negotiate their way along a narrow State Highway which now carries a significant number of (speeding) trucks and trailers and contractors driving large vehicle with trailers.

We are campaigning for speed cameras again. At least the new govt can see the need and are dramatically increasing the numbers of cameras available.

There is no safe area for the school bus to pick up and drop off children.  And, no signage on the State Highway to advise other road users where they should slow down to accommodate the pickup and drop off of our children.