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‘Wellness Survey’ results lead to exciting new initiatives

Happylocal Hub’s co-founder Courtney Linnecar and the Hub’s newest health practitioner, Jaye Harrod, are on a mission to get more people connected with all things health-related in the wider coastal communities, and to engender happiness and health in our locals.
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A recent ‘Wellness Survey’ in The Local Informer, revealed that the top three areas of importance to locals are:

78% Exercise, fitness, and weight loss

52% Detox and immune support

45% Social connection and fun

Thank you to everyone who participated. Results showed that while most want to take a holistic approach to health and wellness, affordability proved to be a significant barrier.

In direct response to your feedback, we have used a collaborative, community-led approach to launch exciting new initiatives to keep our locals and their wallets happy and healthy!

Six Week Mojo Reset for Koha

Some of our valued local health and fitness instructors are passionate about removing any blocks to achieving your fitness goals. In response, they are collaborating to run a 6-week ‘Mojo Reset’ for Koha. At this stage classes will be based in Kuaotunu three times per week. This group is for anyone serious about resetting their health and fitness in a supportive and fun group environment. The reset includes accountability with regular, private non-invasive weigh-ins, and interactive circuits to match your level of fitness, pilates, flexibility, core strength, transitioning menopause, nutrition, and education.  Sessions are open to both men and women and geared towards a beginner level of fitness. Please contact Deb 021 973 265.

Happy Locals Moving and Grooving!

Thanks to the support of the kind crew at Lukes Kitchen and Whitianga Social Services, The Happy Local Hub is thrilled to announce a weekly door-to-door shuttle service to transport our mature locals to various weekly exercise activities such as ‘steady and you go’ and ‘live longer, live stronger’ sessions. We are keen to discover the activities you most want to attend so that this service continues to be an engaging and fun way to connect whilst staying active. Lukes’s Kitchens Mover and Groover van will pick up independently mobile locals over 65 from Matarangi, Kuaotunu, and Whitianga areas for the cost of a gold coin. Once we have expressions of interest we can coordinate exact dates, times, and activities.

We have been blown away by the whirlwind of support from the community in making this initiative possible, it has demonstrated a heartfelt desire to keep everyone in our coastal communities thriving. If you or your loved one requires assistance with transport or could benefit from a social outing, please contact Jaye on 020 413 22274.

Staying connected and Active over 65

Age Concern is launching additional events to keep our communities connected and active with ‘Chin-Wag Cafe’ and ‘Steady as you go’ sessions starting in Kuaotunu and Whitianga. Francine Hills is a forward-thinking Health Promoter for Age Concern Hauraki Coromandel and would love to hear from you if you would like to become a group leader in your area or wish to attend group sessions. Please contact 07 868 9790

Losing a loved one

In gaining a deeper understanding of our local communities, we have come to learn that many are navigating life following the loss of a loved one. While we can’t take the pain and grief away, we can support you to meet others who are navigating similar challenges, form new bonds and share common interests. If this is something you would like to explore or just have a chat, both men and women are welcome to call Margaret on 027 780 2744 or email Counselling options are also available by referral through your local GP depending on your needs.

Boost IV is coming to the Coromandel

Exciting news! Boost IV, Integrative Health are launching in the Coromandel in March. Treatments will include: Systemic vitamin support; Auto-Immune Disease;

Weight management plans; Digestive Health; Cancer Wellness Pathways; COVID recovery Packages; Low energy; Stress.

Treatments will run from the Happy Local Hub Kuaotunu, Whitianga and from the convenience of your own home via a mobile service. For tailored support plans please email or contact 0800 IV Therapy.

Experience the transformative healing power of acupuncture at a fraction of the cost.

From March you can attend group acupuncture clinics in Whitianga for only $30. Alexei McDermott is an experienced acupuncturist from Point of Difference and is passionate about accessible holistic treatment plans.  Alexei is treating a variety of common health conditions: pain management – back pain, migraines, transitioning menopause, insomnia, overall well-being. Each group has a maximum of 4-5 participants in a relaxed and friendly environment. Contact Alexei on 020 401 10121

Take the plunge

While jumping into cold water sounds counterintuitive, evidence is stacking up to prove the many benefits of cold-water immersion.  A study conducted by Advanced Mind-Body Medicine 2022 revealed that cold water exposure coupled with deep breathing and mindfulness exercises resulted in significant differences in measures of stress, depression, and mental well-being.

Cam Smith from Ora Fitness offers cutting-edge techniques is achieving great results for clients. You’ll be surprised how energised and mentally sharp cold-water therapy makes you feel. If you would like to take the plunge Cam is offering an introductory 20% discount offer $40 for a 30-min immersion and deep breathing session. Please contact Cam on 021 026 31 437.

Stay tuned!

Please stay tuned as we have many exciting initiatives in the pipeline to share. We will continue to bridge the gap between your local voice, community resources and service providers for a happy and healthy Coromandel. If you have any ideas or want to get involved, please connect with