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New face at funerals

There is a new member on the Twentymans Funerals team. Matija (Matt) Michelli trained for the profession in his home town, Trieste in Italy.  Italy is a largely Catholic country, and from a young age Matt was interested in the burial ceremonies, which are very important events in the life of the Italian communities.
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He began working as a grave-digger so attended many funerals. “I was always asking questions about how things were done, and I never lost interest. I saw how important it was to the families to do things properly, to feel they had done the very best for their loved ones.”

Matt was 20 when he trained and became a certified Funeral Director.

A sense of adventure took Matt to Finland where he continued to practice his profession.

“I met a guy from Hamilton, New Zealand and he always talked about how beautiful this country is.  So I decided to give it a go.”  He moved to New Zealand seven years ago to follow his chosen profession.  Early in February Matt moved from Auckland to Thames to work for Twentymans Funeral Services.

On his first trip to Whitianga, involving the ferry crossing to the cemetery, Matt remarked on the tranquillity of the place.

“It’s so different from the city, no traffic, no noise, no crowds. This place is so beautiful. It is an unusual choice of a job, I know,” Matt says.

“Those who work in this business are people with passion. My aim is to assist the bereaved family in giving their loved ones the respectful farewell that they deserve.”