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Mullet for the Mammogram

Dave Maconaghie always looks well-groomed and that includes his hair. He is actually what you would say, dapper.

Dave was at a party with friends and one of the party goers had very long beautiful hair. People were commenting on how lovely it was and Dave agreed, enthusiastically. A girl named Rosie said to Dave, for everyone to hear, “You could grow hair like that? Dave retorted, ‘’not likely,” but others joined in like a chorus with a very positive, “Yes, you can Dave!” Mike Brown, co-ordinator of the Lions Club Mammogram Project, also happened to be there.

What followed was more cheers for Dave to grow long hair. Then, one of Dave’s friends spoke up, “I challenge you to grow your hair with a very decent mullet, for the Mammogram project fund – “my offer is $1000.” So what became a comment on someone’s lovely hair became David backed against the wall agreeing to, ‘A Mullet for the Mammogram.” Dave is not backing out now. He is on the way to having a mullet hair style. We can show you the back of his head at the very early stages and then progress reports will follow.

Dave is a member of the Lions Club so he is now working to use his growing mullet to raise extra funds; maybe double the $1,000. Dave helps out at Hammer Hardware and the store has offered to encourage Dave as well as provide a bucket at the counter of Hammer Hardware to drop in funds for this wonderful cause. This mullet is gong to take a while, and Dave is confident he can double that $1,000 bet.

Even though it won’t be ‘Dapper Dave’ for much longer, with his good nature and youthful energy, Dave Maconaghie will make his mullet a great winner for the Mammogram project.

Pop in to Hammer hardware and make a donation into the Bucket or email Mike Brown of the Mammogram project. Email: