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Fighting for a Connecting communities across the Coromandel Peninsula longer life.

We invite readers to join this fight to extend a life
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This family raised a lot of money through a raffle. Grant, Michelle and Zoe Grant were touched by the plight of Marianne Harwood and her family. Zoe had come home from school to tell her parents that her friend’s Mum could die of stage four ovarian cancer.  Marianne Harwood was informed that the treatment she was receiving  for her stage four ovarian cancer was no longer working. She was given three months to live. A non-government funded treatment would help extend her life – a combination of immune therapy and chemotherapy.

Zoe and her Mum and Dad set about doing something practical- raise some money as Marianne needed non-government funded treatment to extend her life.   That’s where the raffle came in. Zoe asked all her friends to help. The reality that this was extending a life rather than saving a life hit home and hit very hard. The community was in grief.

Their community is around them. A Give A Little Page has been set up to raise the necessary funds. The extension of life that is possible will enable Marianne  and her husband Dave to see their two children through to young adulthood together.

Can you help join the fight. The Informer met Dave Harwood, Marianne’s husband,  this past weekend a loving, gentle, family man who is doing everything humanly possible  –  every day, every week will make a difference.

We invite readers to join this fight to extend a life.

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Caption: Marianne Warwood