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Solar Storm Wonder For All Of New Zealand

The scenes in the sky have been astonishing – hard to believe, mesmerising. This spectacular celestial show, which is usually confined to the far northern reaches of the planet and is called “northern lights”, and the far southern reaches of the planet called Southern Aurora lights, is triggered by a powerful solar storm. Solar particles escape from the Sun releasing energy that reaches earth’s magnetic field. Hence the intense colour displays in the sky.
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Whitianga Estuary, inset, and Robinson Road, Whitianga – Photos by Kate Beauchamp

The sheer delight of colour fills us with awe!

“The giant clouds of solar particles interact laced with magnetic fields escape from the Sun releasing energy that reaches earths magnetic field. This is seen through the intense colour displays in the sky.

The ‘aurora’ season could be predicted through the sun’s 11-year cycle, with the peak of the current cycle due next year.

Darkness, minimal cloud cover and the charged particles interacting with the earth were all needed for the geomagnetic storm to be viewed by the naked eye.

Transpower has been monitoring the solar storm. It took action on the weekend to switch out some national transmission circuits to protect things like transformers and generators connected to the grid. “Earth has been pelted with effects of the solar storms. This moves around the magnetic fields that protect the earth and actually induces electric currents through the earth and long transmission lines.” Morning Report John Clark

We are a very clever human race. We have over come much and our inventions  are breathtaking We have gone great distances, even to space, but this grand power is at present for us merely to observe and enjoy.