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Mautohe Cathedral Cove a ‘no news’ News Update

There is really a ‘no news’ update  except there is more geotechnical monitoring taking place, landslide predictive modelling, and community engagement,  which are terms that DOC has used for every update since the track subsided, collapsed and closed early in 2023.
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Cathedral Cove access before the walk to the beach collapsed and the cave structure was damaged.

There have been lots of meetings of key stake holders and selected persons and groups but to which the media  has not been invited and definitely not informed by email or notice of any progress.  So, the whole understanding of community engagement has changed.

Some weeks ago, after a lot of coverage in the Informer and on wider media and on Coromandel  CFM about the lack of progress, The Informer gave DOC one entire page to tell their side of things at no cost to them. They requested the space but pleaded they had no budget. However, disappointingly it said very little of account with the same geological jargon.

The following excerpts in italics are taken from the DOC website. There is more detail  to read but it is not news. The name Mautohe has been added to Cathedral Cove – it was the name of a small Pa  located just above the Cathedral shaped rock before that particular  area was abandoned due to other tribes raiding the Ngati Hei with a near total massacre in 1818.

2023: Readers know what happened last year

2024: What we’ve done this year

• In February, DOC, with Ngāti Hei’s support, undertook a summer visitor experience survey. Analysis of the visitor experience survey responses are available below.

• In March, DOC, Ngāti Hei and technical experts visited the site to assess access and infrastructure options. Further investigations are required by technical experts.

• In March, we commissioned a new landslide predictive model to be run for Mautohe Cathedral Cove. This showed a high likelihood of further landslides under different storm conditions.

• Community engagement is underway with support from Ngāti Hei, Thames-Coromandel District Council and Destination Hauraki Coromandel. Follow our website for more details.

Still to come

• Results of the geotechnical monitoring are due June 2024. (The Minister has asked for this to be completed)

• Feasibility assessment of options for resilient walking access are due to the Minister June 2024.

• 2024 Visitor survey undertaken by DOC with the support of Ngati Hei  results show high levels of satisfaction