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Let me refresh your memories of the ‘water quality’swindle

Readers may remember a letter was written to Commissioner for The Environment Simon Upton actually two letters a week apart
 |  Malcolm Campbell  | 

The letters referenced reports from a number of observers and to refresh memories, *Narena Olliver lamented the loss of bird life in the Waikato, *Professor Phil Lester is alarmed at the number of insects lost, some now extinct;* pleas to protect inanga (whitebait) now an endangered delicacy; * bees threatened by chemical;* birds lost in hundreds, then thousands in poisoned waterways; *comment on poison solutions for environmental problems; *people afflicted with cancer while using the same herbicide; *groundwater containing a cocktail of poisons and herbicides and the extermination of the frogs. I hope I have refreshed your memory. It can hardly get any worse.

Those letters were sent with Track and Trace documents to the Commissioner of the Environment. The same letters were sent to Environment Waikato addressed to the Chairperson. Unsurprisingly five weeks after delivery of the letters, there has been no response from either the Commissioner for The Environment or Environment Waikato.

After looking at the website of the Commissioner for the Environment, it bears a remarkable similarity to Environment Waikato’s website. Simon Upton is in his second five year term and heads a ‘small team’ (their words) and this team is exceptionally busy.

They examine and do just about everything as follows:- analytical modelling, biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, history, economics, finance, forestry, geography, law, literature, marine science, planning, physics, Matauranga Maori, social science, risk analysis, policy, resource management, Tikanga Maori and water governance. Whew!!

Yet another group, I believe the fifteenth, working away to improve water quality among other things.

Simon Upton also has a swipe at identifying rural water bodies at less than desirable quality. Not at all surprising given the amount of poison annually poured into and around them, and tacitly agreed to by the people who know how to manage the quality by administering poison.

On the Commissioner’s website were these comments (quote): “The Resource Management Act has survived for thirty-two years as it was a bi-partisan Act brought forward by Geoffrey Palmer in the Labour Government and then passed into law by the National Government, ushered in by the Commissioner himself.”

On the website is a preamble and in it, is this gem. ‘The only significant changes so far have been driven by accidents of climate damage, or the incentivised conversion of land to forestry as a means of avoiding fossil fuel emissions reductions.’

To refresh memories at the beginning of this item, mention was made of the many observers, indicating severe damage to the environment and the creatures in that environment. The ‘precious’ RMA has stopped dead, people’s dreams and aspirations, dealt death blows to small town New Zealand and caused the more active people to leave the country whilst financing the unproductive bureaucrats who thrive on disputes, instead of promoting harmony and community values.

Does The Commissioner think all these actions are insignificant?  It is possible the Commissioner is oblivious to the destruction being caused by our authorities as it is obvious that the seats of Local Government supposedly right here on the spot are oblivious to the damage being caused. For some unfathomable reason people have been conditioned to believe that people need to be directed and controlled. There was none of this prior to 1980 and our districts were flourishing with development of land, roads, bridges, towns and so on. Above all else we had Local, ‘Local Government’ until 1989 when Wellington swept it all away with a fanfare of efficiency and cost saving. This fanfare turned out to be lies, blatant lies. The Regional Council employs over five hundred people. Their total budget runs to near Two-hundred million dollars sucked out of the Waikato Region to be spent not where it was raised, but in Hamilton City. Salaries alone will consume fifty million. It has taken some time for the penny to drop.

However the New Zealand public has been conned, sucked in, fleeced, put it which- ever way you like, to the tune of billions of dollars for outcomes well below even the status-quo. We no longer even have what we had, the losses almost certainly terminal and we paid for this carnage and undoubtedly will continue to pay.