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Greetings from the MBAS Principal – Ross Dunn

We made it through yet another year of challenges in 2023. The pandemic was replaced with tumultuous weather events which caused some setbacks, and a staggered start to the year.
 |  Ross Dunn  | 

It was a whirlwind of a year. It was my first year – I was warmly welcomed by both the school and wider community. I have met with a great deal of our community solidifying our connections. I have taken time to sit and talk with each of the staffing team to establish what they hold precious in the school. 

First and foremost, I want to extend my deepest congratulations to our exceptional students. Their hard work, perseverance, and dedication has brought them to outstanding achievements, and we are immensely proud of their accomplishments. Whether it’s academic excellence, or their commitment to community service, they have demonstrated the qualities of character and intellect that will serve them well in their future endeavours.

But let us remember that success is not solely measured by the certificates, trophies, and accolades that students receive. True success lies in their ability to continue learning, growing, and making a positive impact on the world. My hope is that the Kauri values instilled during their time at school will guide them towards a future marked by kindness, empathy, and the pursuit of knowledge.

The most rewarding thing was getting out and seeing the great learning that is happening in and out of the classrooms from Years 1 – 13. 

 We accomplished a great deal in 2023.

Our Attendance initiative went very well. We know attendance equals achievement and the focus on ensuring our students are in class maximises their ability to achieve. I would like to congratulate our students for understanding this and making the transition so smooth. We have also removed the distraction of cell phones in the Kura. This has been hard for some but the change in the kura has been very noticeable in such a variety of ways. 

I would like to thank the Board of Trustees who have supported me throughout the year. They are working well together and have just recently made the move to School Docs which will give us a strong foundation of policies with which to move forward.

The Board is starting the process of developing a new strategic direction for the school. This underpins all that we do and the decisions I make. I would in particular like to thank Dan Asquith the presiding member for his support and levelheaded approach.

 We have successfully put measures in place which have ended the Limited Statutory Management from the Ministry of Education. This shows the school is progressing in a positive trajectory.

The newly reformed Friends of the School – I am so proud of what they have accomplished this year and look forward to the 2024 school year.

To the school community and whanau, thank you for supporting and helping our students achieve, whether this be in time, donations of resources or financial assistance. We cannot do this without you. 

I have always looked at my role as the Principal as an honour and one not to be taken lightly. I am confident that I am leading the school in a strong, forward focused direction. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at Mercury Bay Area School and the philosophy I embody is, “We keep the students at the centre of all we do.” The students are what is so special about Mercury Bay Area School. 

I’m looking forward to a productive, positive and dynamic 2024.