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The NUKES Reunion – Original three ukelele maestros coming to Eggscentric

A humble ukelele mission from across Australasia to Eggscentric
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Way back yonder in 2008 three fully grown men banded together and embarked upon a perilous musical journey with no particular destination.

Their mission? To write and perform original music using only the humble ukulele.

Thus, The Nukes were born and quickly they grew into a bonny wee thing, gaining a reputation across Australasia for boisterous live shows and impressive original material.

Riddled with optimism and fuelled by beer and bonhomie, David ‘Fingers of fire’ Parker, Ben ‘Country boy’ Collier and Dave ‘Snapper’ Thiele set the burgeoning parochial ukulele/folk scene on fire for a full, glorious decade.

And then..

Rumours swirled; accusations were levelled.

Was Snapper doing a solo album? How many wives did Ben actually have? And was David really involved in the Church of constant sorrow?

Unfortunately, nothing quite so scandalous had occurred. Basically, Snapper got tired and wanted to lie down for a bit.

So he did.

The Nukes trotted on, first with curious percussionist Mike Burrows, then (and still) with flexible young Parker prodigy Jay P.

But the question has always lingered, like a dog outside a butcher’s shop…would the original three ever reunite?

Yes. The answer is yes.

You can catch them once more as they re-unite for a concert at the Egocentric Cafe, Flaxmill Bay on Friday, 10 May.

Book a table through the cafe at 07 866 0307.