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Local Events

The Cabaret – Great floorshow

Saturday, 20 July. This cabaret is the second of two locally organised bonanza. Starts at exactly 7.33pm (not 7.30pm) so be early!! The programme has a few surprises.
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Abby Lawrence, Chocky Brown and Roger Simpson are preparing for the Cabaret.

• A floorshow with a Master of Ceremonies and singer/entertainers Chocky Brown (aka Richard Shelford-Woodcock), Abby Lawrence and Maxwell.

• Spectacular dancing from Rob and Tyree Connor, Lindsay and Janetta Wain, Kathleen Conaghan and Leigh Alsemgeest. Lighting and special effects by Alan Alsemgeest.

• Free entry – This is open to all. There is no need to be signed in by a member of the club. However, Cabaret organiser, Roger, is very keen for people to sign up and be members as there are so many benefits and this way the Mercury Bay Club belongs to the people. Membership is only $30 annually and $50 for a couple.

• Come early and have dinner Excellent menu of both full meals and snacks at the Mercury Bay Club restaurant, and the bar is open.