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The big kiwi party night

Saturday, 15 June, 7.00pm
 |  The Informer  | 

Roger Simpson and his team have organised a great night of entertainment for this Saturday night.

The Coromandel Informer mistakenly put in its last issue that the entry fee was $20. That’s a mistake and also that his name is not Smith but Simpson. ENTRY IS FREE!!!

The Mercury Bay Club welcomes everyone. Non-members of the club can be signed in by a Club member. Or better still, join the club. It is $25 only for a year and $40 for a couple.

The excellent music for dance as well as singing along to, has been added to since last week with the addition of Filipino Kiwi Party Band (FKPB), a new band in Whitianga who will add an excellent dimension in music and their own slant on Kiwi party music, and vocalist Wanda Brljevich, whose voice is very compelling.

Roger says, “You can dress in theme if you want. This is a night of Kiwi party music, guitar playing and singing songs.  There is a segment of open mic as well; if someone wants to get up and song a song they can, as long as they are prepared and know their song,” adds Roger.

This Kiwi music night finishes when the last person walks out the doors. A very fine menu at Mercury Bay Club provides meals from 5.00pm.