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The Big Kiwi Party Night – great success

Last Saturday night’s Big Kiwi Music Party offered terrific music performed by Kiwis free of charge at Mercury Bay Club.
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What makes a good Kiwi music party?

• The number of people up dancing,

• The level of banter and interaction between the party goers

• The enthusiasm of the dancers and listeners in their appreciation of the music.

These would be indicators easy to observe.

Then there’s the preparation so that everything people need to have a good time is there – quality food with choice, a ready supply of drinks – alcohol, mixers and soft drinks, comfortable atmosphere with ambient lighting and places to sit and talk without shouting. The cost of food and drinks was left to each person to decide what they wanted. People loved the model and were generous in their purchases. That all helps the above.

Then, there’s the programme. This is the clincher and this party clinched it with excellent music. Two bands made such music a reality.

These two bands will attract crowds to future events after what they presented last Saturday night.

They were made up two groups of friends.

The first band, Owen Spooner, Earl Adams, Wanda Brljevich (Earl’s younger sister) and Dean Carter from Auckland. All were excellent vocalists and instrumentalists. Wanda’s voice was a highlight. They were very professional and so at ease with their audience.

Then there was the Kiwi Filipino party band made up of two locals and two from Auckland. Bong who works in local hospitality at Espy Café brought together the band of four with two friends from Auckland. They were four seasoned and polished musicians.

These two bands were different in style. The Kiwi Filipino band perhaps presented a more energetic and youth-oriented style. However, both bands were the same in the way they got people up and dancing, in their excellent vocal harmonies, and in the relaxed interaction and relationship with their audience.

A feature that could not be ignored was the ‘family’ nature in that teens and young adults were on the floor with dancers well past retirement. We have young adults-oriented places or ’events for oldies’ but every community for its own health’s sake needs all age interaction, energy with loads of fun.

The Big Kiwi Party Night was this kind of great night shared by 150 people in an excellent venue. Congratulations to Roger and Betty Simpson and their team for the decision to make it work and the preparations with music and promotion. Congratulations to the Mercury Bay Club committee and management team.

Look out for The Cabaret at Mercury Bay Club coming up on Saturday, 20 July.