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The best day ever

Mercury Bay Equestrian Academy
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Sunday 7 April, on the road south out of Whitianga, at the end of Macleod Straight, the Mercury Bay Equestrian Academy gathered for an Equestrian Event.  Meeting on a paddock of Daphne Rae, families with horses gathered for the biggest ever for the Academy. Ron Cook and his team were greatly encouraged. News of a plan to apply for ten hectares of the Sherrif Block to establish ‘Horses – an Equestrian Academy’ has created much interest. It was fabulous. Lots of delighted young girls and some new faces and ponies.

Paige on Possum, top left; Ana on Josh led by Isla, top right; Raewyn on Rumba, above; and Kristen (our vet) on Elsa.

Due to space restrictions in the paper this week the sports results were unable to be published, but will be placed in next week’s paper. Sorry for any inconvience this has caused anyone.