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Scoffing the ice cream at Espy Cafe

Well not quite. It is very difficult to actually consume one two litre tub of  ice cream  in a hurry.
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Scoffing the ice cream at Espy Cafe

Competing against others to be the quickest means you have to gulp large mouthfuls of ice-cold sweetness. The effect of ‘brain freeze’ can slow any voracious eater of ice cream down to a halt.

Only about six finished the entire amount despite the fact that it was Tip Top which means very creamy and some tubs had three flavours.

The weather was sunny and warm out on the large deck at Espy Cafe Monday afternoon 5 February, 3.30pm on The Esplanade, Whitianga. Kelvin, the owner, had made sure that the ice cream was truly frozen.

It was after closing time at Espy, so he had set up the placing for each competition with large bib, spoon (at least to start with), plate and one large tub of Tip Top ice cream.

Twenty competitors and a large crowd of onlookers gathered. Ross Dunn, Principal of Mercury Bay Area School and sports teacher, Montana Taugage joined in with lots of goodwill to support the students and compete alongside community members. Both were very optimistic that they could knock this over but neither Ross nor Montana finished their tub.

It was so much fun after about three years’ break with covid and the storms of late 2022 and early 2023.

Tip top had sponsored all the prizes.  Cole Hardy was the winner, a full minute ahead of the previous competition’s  winner. He used an interesting tactic, massaging the tub to hasten the melting of the ice-cream.

Eating etiquette wasn’t a priority, some resorting to tipping the ice cream into their mouth directly from the tub. Some of the competitors just kept on eating determined to see the last spoonful consumed. Well done Espy and Tip Top for a Sumer afternoon’s fun.