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READY, SET, GO… Whitianga Run Fest

All kinds and levels of runners and walkers came to Whitianga for the Run Fest on Saturday, 25 May – 900 participated. The ride on the ferry across to Ferry Landing, Cooks Beach was an extra treat. Both ferries ran for several hours with the return ride not being included in the timing of the race.
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Nick Reader and his team did an outstanding job of this event, efficient and smooth, changing some of the complications of closing roads from previous years.

The 11.00am race involved lots of children (3km and 6km races) which was a delight to all the onlookers. The three first places of the 21km race did amazing times – Sam Brenner from Cambridge’s time was 1.16.31. Tom McKenzie was our fastest local, coming in third behind Andrew Pointon in second place.

A BIG thank you to G. J. Gardner homes who totally supported this event being the major sponsor. With their help, 70 youth from the Coromandel Peninsula got to take part for free, 40 of them coming from Mercury Bay Area School.

It was also a great weather day and a time for so many volunteers to give their time and effort to assisting what is a very community-oriented event, though it is also commercial and professional in terms of the level of runners participatin,g and the large number of athletic visitors and their supporters it attracts to this area.

21km winners

Male: 1, Sam Bremner; 2, Andrew Pointon; 3, Tom McKenzie.

Female: 1, Mish Waylen; 2, Kirsten Milne; 3, Lilli Pritchard

10km winners

Male: 1, Tom Allison; 2, Liam Hill; 3, Blaze Houghton.

Female: 1, Annalise Spragg; 2, Rachael Kramer; 3, Mollie Allison


Male: 1, Taingarunui Hinds; 2, Marlon Ross; 3, Nick Jensen. Female: 1, Mirabella Breen; 2, Noa Jensen; 3, Libby Van de Ven

3km winners

Male: 1, Nikau Parr; 2, Dominic McKenzie; 3, Otis Roughton. Female: 1, Charlotte Hayward; 2, Cassidy Short; 3, Penny Urie.

Te Korowhai took part as a group – every last one finished the 10km walk.

Nick Reader, event organiser on the right, assisted by his daughter Elise.

Thanks to GJ Gardner homes, 70 youth from Coromandel got to take part in the run fest for free.