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Night Alight revelry at Top 10 Hot Water Beach

“How did you come to stay at the Top 10 at Hot Water Beach?” That was my question of the three guests I met – Peter, Karen and Thibaut. I assumed they had heard about the Night Alight festival weekend.
 |  Pauline Stewart  | 

Peter replied,” We did not know about Night Alight until we arrived. We are from Auckland, and we met some people in Paihia who were from Puerto Rico and they enthusiastically recommended that we come to Top 10 at Hot Water Beach and ask for Dean and Toya.” So we did.

“I’m from France and they passed on that recommendation to me,” said Thibaut. “So I came too!”

Another was a grandmother from Australia who had come to spend time with her extended family and this was their special treat for her.

Two young woman who work in Whitianga had brought their children to enjoy the excitement of the fire and the night outdoors.

The evening sky was so very clear and no wind meant just the right touch for a perfect night’s weather.

Everyone, I spoke to loved and appreciated the special effort that the owners of Top 10 had gone to.

People love staying at the Top 10 Holiday Park on any weekend and for their summer holidays. Comfort, great facilities, attractions and adventure mix well here.

But for a weekend in the cool of winter – King’s Birthday Long Weekend – to add a huge bonfire, a full pop music band, face painting and balloons, decorated and festive lit units, caravans and mobile homes; it is just the best event for families.

Wherever you looked, it made for a festival light hearted atmosphere in the most beautiful setting just a few kilometres from Cathedral Cove and a such a short walk to the warm thermal waters of Hot Water Beach.

A great night out for that community of over 300 from all over the world. This is an event sure to be repeated.