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New Zealand’s finest classical trio comes to Thames…..then Whitianga

NZ Trio is bringing a phenomenal concert to Thames, the first part of “The Triptych Series,” in concert, Sunday, 5 May at 2.00 PM at St. George’s Anglican Church.
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The NZTrio coming to Thames 5 May will have a replacement pianist for Somi Kim who will be on parental leave – Ashley Brown, Somi Kim and Amalia Hall. Sarah Watkins (absent) will be the guest pianist.

Described as a “national treasure” and “New Zealand’s most indispensable ensemble” (William Dart, NZ Herald), NZTrio – He Taonga Wairere, is renowned for its eclectic repertoire, outstanding talent and warm kiwi stage presence.

Any preconceptions of classical music being stuffy or intimidating are smashed by edgy repertoire, venue ambiance, and post-concert manaakitanga. Bringing together three incredibly accomplished artists: Amalia Hall (violin), Ashley Brown (cello) and Somi Kim (piano). However, for the coming May performance in Thames, NZTrio are thrilled to be joined by founding member Sarah Watkins as guest pianist for the Unquiet Dream, the first part of The Triptych Series. while Somi Kim takes parental leave.

Unquiet Dream, the first part of the Triptych Series, will be a journey through the contrasting musical landscapes of four distinctive composers, with the rhythmic and harmonic textures of Benjamin Britten, an enigmatic exploration of reflection, identity, and transformation by Lera Auerbach, a new piece from Chris Cree Brown that embraces the sounds of Aotearoa, before finishing with Felix Mendelssohn’s rich and expressive work.

Nine centres will experience Unquiet Dream in May, but it is Thames that is privileged to host the first performance. In this very special 2024 series, really a continuing of their exploration of diverse musical landscapes following a triumphant and packed 2023. The Triptych Series celebrates discovery, curiosity, reflection, and pure joy.

NZTrio aim to challenge conventional notions of classical concerts by blending classic masterpieces with lesser-known gems and fresh compositions from both local and global talents. They hope their concerts “will raise eyebrows, ..the way we can slam together classic impassioned masterpieces with some lesser-known works and super-fresh ones from Aotearoa and from around the world. We’re stoked to be taking this wonderful music on tour and sharing it with you all.” say Somi, Amalia and Ashley.

Later in the year, the second part Untrodden Ways, will present new worlds mixed with the traditional and the contemporary filled with expression, profound emotions and rich colour.

The Triptych Series will take audiences everywhere from Whitianga to Adelaide and beyond, on a musical adventure where every note tells a story, and every chord resonates with the shared human experience.

Whitianga’s concert is Sunday, 15 September, at 4.00 PM at St. Andrew’s by the Sea.

Tickets for Unquiet Dream Sunday, 5 May, 2.00pm St Georges Church, Thames available from