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The first of two great music nights at the Mercury Bay Club
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Both events are organised by local, Roger Smith and a team who love dance and music.

Kiwi music party is the first – great music for dance and songs people know and can sing along to – Saturday 15 June, at 7.00pm. Entry $20

“No one has to dress in theme,” says Roger. “It’s not the night for blue singlet and gum boots, but you can dress in theme if you want. This is a night of Kiwi party music, guitar playing and singing songs. There is a segment of open mic as well; if someone wants to get up and song a song they can, as long as they are prepared and know their song,” adds Roger.

This Kiwi music night finishes when the last person walks out the doors. A very fine menu at Mercury Bay Club provides meals from 5.00pm.

Cabaret – a variety show – Saturday 20 July exactly 7.33pm

Yes, that is the time the Cabaret is set to start.

“Some will come a bit later but it is going to start at exactly 7.33pm,” says Roger Simpson, organiser.

“So don’t be late, as there are going to be a few surprises.”

It will be a floor show of excellent music – in song and in dance.

More details in future issues.