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Grand book signing with Judy Bailey – ‘Evolving’

Judy Bailey and her book, ‘Evolving,’ were the focus of the book signing evening and Q and A held Monday night, 27 May at the Monkey House, Whitianga.  ‘Evolving’, a very fine book about finding health and happiness as we age, was the motivation behind this very special night organised by Paper Plus, Whitianga.
 |  Pauline Stewart  | 

The store had received a lot of enquiries about Judy’s book, prompting the owners, Derek and Mabel Murie, to invite Judy as their special guest to a community social evening which would include a book signing and time of questions and answers for the author who remains a national identity. And Judy said yes!

I led the Q and A for The Informer, with Judy being welcomed and introduced to everyone by Mabel Murie and Molly Burke who set up the Monkey House, and hosted the venue for the evening.

There were many questions about the media and Judy’s experience as a national face and voice of TVNZ One News for 19 years as well as about her book, which had taken three years to research and write.

It was not that Judy was a stranger to this kind of event, as her work in media continues in many areas and her book has already attracted interviews on national television and radio as well as magazine articles.

This event was, in Judy’s ‘home’ community and she admitted to “being a little nervous.”  Towards the close of the question time, Judy described the Coromandel as ‘heaven on earth’.

Of course, being in her early seventies, Judy is definitely different in appearance than when she was presenting the nightly news bulletins which concluded in 2005. She glowed with vitality, attractiveness, and compassion and the wisdom in her responses about life and ageing was edged with confidence and vulnerability.

Over a hundred people were present, no room for any more; a good mix of ages and of men and women with a variety of questions forthcoming. People asked about coping with big unplanned changes, and the grief that confronts when you lose a job and vocation, and how to build a different life. Judy spoke directly, openly – there was common ground to share, including those a lot younger – busy with parenting and full-time professional careers.

One of the key points Judy addressed during the evening and that figures large in her book, was that the way we live in our 40s and 50s is a key indicator of how we will cope with living when we are in our seventies and eighties.

She gave comprehensive responses and referred people to her book where there are learnings and practical accounts from experienced practitioners of what does work for people.

It was an inspiring evening for everyone who came and the Filipino people, led by the Paper Plus owners, provided a beautiful array of nibbles and snacks and every detail of hospitality for the evening was attended to with care.

Judy’s work with the Brianwave Trust was mentioned during the evening and is briefly described in the book – the power of nurturing relationships in forming happy, meaningful lives – but that’s a subject for another event or a workshop.

Judy Bailey with Maddie Johnson, Kaspar Franke and Molly Burke with their signed books following the Q&A and book signing evening at The Monkey House.

Memorable quote: “The most beautiful thing a person can wear is confidence.” – Blake Lively, Actor

Judy Bailey’s book is available from Paper Plus, Whitianga. Cost: $40.