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Dance and Drama

Get ready for a surprising night of drama & comedy

Presented by students from Mercury Bay Area School in the School Hall on Saturday 29 June  and Sunday 30 June, 6pm both nights.
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“The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes and Watson’s first case”

Director is Samuel Ribert; leads are Joshua Bruce and Linnie Wales and a cast of 12 actors. This Mercury Bay Area School production promises to be a winner.


Samuel Ribert – Director.

The two-act, 90-minute play was written by Craig Sodaro and has been produced many times, principally by schools in the United States and Great Britain. This mystery-comedy has many surprises. Staging will be arranged to maximize the audience’s view of the stage.

The producer Samuel Ribert, a year  13 student has overseen the many weeks of planning and rehearsals. Samuel believes that being part of a big show is particularly important for students who are concluding their school life. For many the show, in this case a play, will be a memorable right-of-passage as they prepare to move from school to their next big thing.

Inevitably rehearsals for a full-length show like this go on for months. It is a big commitment and the ‘heroes’ (players and support people) can grow tired, and tired people can become grumpy. However, effort has not flagged, and the co-operation of cast and support people has not waned. Samuel has been pleased by the co-operation and effort put into to the show at this point. This must say something about his leadership.

This is a show, not only worth supporting due to the student-led leadership and the commitment to production quality, but it is a great story and excellent drama.

Bookings through the Mercury Bay Area School Office, phone 866-5916. Refreshments, including popcorn will be available before the show and during intermission.