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Fred Again does it again and again

It was quite the talk of the town and ‘the town’ in this case was all of New Zealand. Fred Again came to Coroglen Tavern for a four hour concert at two days notice.  Speculation had been brewing for weeks across social media that the London based DJ and Producer, Fred Gibson, known onstage as Fred Again. would be taking his tour across the ditch to New Zealand.  A simple post of Lord of the Ring’s Gandalf to his Instagram story was enough to send anyone under 30 into a frenzy. 
 |  Lily Johnston  | 

It’s difficult to understand all of the excitement surrounding the artist, part of his allure is that you never know when or where Fred Again will appear.

Last-minute “secret” performances and arena-sized shows revealed just days before execution on his social media, create a challenge alone to just see this sensational DJ.

This was exactly what happened when he posted an Instagram story on Friday 22 March. Whilst thanking everyone that had come to see him in Wellington, he informed followers that he was off on a road trip up north.

“It is the road towards…the Coroglen Tavern!” posted Fred. Instead of the normal cost of a Fred Again ticket at a city venue of over $100, the ‘Coroglen’ tickets were posted at $25. Fred understood the ‘local’ and small country region economy. Word quickly spread and the ticket link posted only 3 hours later sold out in mere minutes

This sensational sellout of an international artist at the ‘local’ Coroglen Tavern was bound to get people wondering who and what could create such a chatter. It seemed everyone was talking about it…. Every young adult who listens to current music knows about Fred Again. Most just love the guy.

The Tavern was packed; security was tight. The Informer’s camera was asked not to take photos except on a phone. The energy was absolutely electric. Fred had invited a local DJ to participate with him and Messie from Wellington was the very lucky local DJ. She was then invited by Fred to go to Melbourne with him to perform there. This is part of Fred’s practice – he encourages local artists by giving them amazing opportunities and exposure sharing the stage with him.

Gibson himself has risen to fame at a seemingly rapid speed within the last year. However, he actually started as a producer working with music icons such as Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora and Stormzy. He is also a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist as well as extraordinary DJ. His music is most often billed as EDM (electronic dance music), but it has a shape-shifting quality that could easily place it in several other categories as he mixes video with poetry and threads his own sound loops in and out of the music seamlessly combining so many sources and genres. How did his name come to be Fred Again?

In a TikTok stitch on 31 January 2023, Fred confirmed that his name “Fred Again..” came from a line in the live action movie Scooby-Doo where Fred, in the voice of Daphne says: “I’m Fred Again..”. Fred now has a following of over 2.5 million on Instagram alone.

It says a lot about Coroglen Tavern that Fred would choose this ‘local’ as a venue for one of his concerts.  How amazing was that!

But Coroglen Tavern has always risked engaging the big bands and big solo names with all that it requires and the reward has been the big crowds come and it is such a buzz of a venue known all over New Zealand.

Well done and thank you to the ownership team for doing that in such a short time frame  – Liana  Johnston and Luke Findlay, Paul and Fleur Clayton, Brent and Sheree Prisk. You took the risk, accepted the huge challenge and made it happen in two days.