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Evolving – Judy Bailey here to sign her book

‘Evolving’ is the name of Judy Bailey’s book. Judy is taking on the matter of finding health and a happiness as we age. She issues a challenge in that this subject is more than about those who are coping with age, but about preparing for it when we’re too busy to think about ageing.
 |  Pauline Stewart  | 

‘Evolving’ is a book for younger adults as well as older.

The Informer spoke to Judy about her book signing event this coming Monday, 28 May at The Monkey House in Whitianga. This is the first book signing Judy has done, and she admitted to feeling a little shy about it.

“I am a local and proud to be, so it is probably best that the first signing is in Whitianga with Paper Plus,” says Judy.

“I have done interviews about my book on One Breakfast TVNZ and on national radio, but now I will meet current readers and future readers face to face. I am looking forward to that.”

Judy was encouraged to have received some great feedback about her book.

“It is really a lot of common sense – many things that we already know, but there is a lot of content in ‘Evolving’ that people may not know. I certainly did not when I started.”

The Informer, on a visit to Paper Plus, saw a young adult purchasing Judy’s book and asked Judy about the book’s appeal to that generation.

“The way we live our lives when we are 40 to 45 is a very good indicator of how we are going to age. At that stage of life, we are immersed in our work, our families, and fitting as much as we can into a day. That’s fine, but self-care slips off the radar and negative or destructive patterns can set in.”

Judy reflected that if we can walk in the shoes of those who have discovered pitfalls and have learnings to tell us; then let’s do that.

“I share much of this in the book which makes aspects of it a practical guide to daily life and attitudes.”

It has taken three years to write, not full time but researching it and gaining the insights and information from others who have aged well.”

Judy spoke about the enormous changes on every front facing those seventy and over.

“My aim and well-founded hope is that what I have shared of myself and my own learnings and what I have gained from others, will help readers have a sense of calm about ageing and a positive strength that brings extra quality to their lives.

“It is not just longevity, but a quality and meaningful life with those long years, that is important,” adds Judy.

The Q and A is an open forum and Judy is clear that questions are not limited to her book but can also be about television, navigating a public career and parenting. She is looking forward to meeting people and responding to their questions and stories.

Tickets available at Paper Plus in Whitianga Tel. 07 866 5698.

The Monkey House Theatre,

Coghill Street, Whitianga

Monday 27 May, 6:30pm

Tickets $20 available from Paper Plus Whitianga

(includes a drink & nibbles)