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Coromandel Comedy brings fun and surprise

Coromandel Comedy” is the title of an Improv performance at Hauraki House, Coromandel Town, on Saturday night, 18 May. The show features popular improv group “Casual First Date, which has been touring around the Coromandel Peninsula as well as performing in Auckland over the past six years with its hilarious actics and quick wit.
 |  Pam Ferla  | 

Helen Jarvis, Melanie Bass, Rebecca Stubbing. Not pictured, Gareth Blackler, Karolina Brock and Catalina Vercelli Giurda.

Those who enjoy “Whose Line is it Anyway” will love this bunch of comedians and their distinctive and clever humour that is entirely made up on the spot, based on a suggested word from the audience.

Asked why they stand in front of an audience with no idea what’s going to happen, here are some of the replies.

“What I love about performing improvised comedy is the audience really do influence the show, which makes it so spontaneous and surprising.” Melanie Bass , Efficiency Engineer.”

“What’s great about watching improv? You see people assembling gloriously detailed worlds and characters at high speed from only the assorted lint, old tickets and loose change that they have to hand in the corners of their minds.” Karolina Brock, Architectural Designer.

“You get to be part of creating something that’s only happening once in the moment! Most interesting place I’ve performed improv? The foyer of a piano store.” Gareth Blackler, Graphic Designer.

“Improv creates rich, beautiful crazy worlds that only the performers and the audience get to be a part of for a brief moment in time. Even though those moments are just pure imagination they become some of the most memorable, funny, sweet and hectic inside jokes shared with those who are there.”Helen Jarvis, Digital fabrication business owner.

Doors open for door sales 6.30pm, show starts 7.30pm.