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Beverley Hillbillies for 10th Birthday of NZ Retro Car and Caravan Club

Hot Water Beach from Thursday, 2 May to Sunday, 5 May is the venue for this very creative and fun gathering of caravans, cars and their families. Yes, the theme is the retro ‘Clampett’ family of Beverley Hillbillies fame.
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The weekend will kick off from 6.00pm on the Friday night.

“It’s all about You – caravans – comraderie – fun – laughter – puppies – food – friendship,” says Peter Nunn, Captain of the Club.

“Saturday night is Theme Night Party with a Potluck dinner and prizes for the best dressed Clampett Hillbilly and the best light show caravan. There will be ‘possum stew’ on the weekend and ‘moonshine’ plus a sales table for everyone to bring their wares to sell.”

It will be a great time for all caravan enthusiasts. One more message from Peter;

“Bring your own instruments to join in with the DJ’s Mike and Peter, – banjo, guitar, spoons, ukulele, rattles PLUS a bottle of champagne for 10th Birthday celebrations. Most of all, this weekend is for you to enjoy! There may be a caravan fee of $10 or $15 to assist with costs.”

All enquiries and more information, just email: