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An incredible fair at Cooks Beach

The collective sigh of relief from Whenuakite School’s Fundraising Committee could be felt throughout the entire Coromandel when Thursday rolled around and it was realised that the conditions were perfect.
 |  Heidi Gordon  | 

What an incredible day we had at the Cooks Beach Carnival January 4, 2024!

The Carnival could finally go ahead. No pandemic, cyclone, or other disaster was going to stand in the way.

By 9am families were pouring into the reserve, children tugging at parents’ arms in excitement; at 9.10am there were giggles and shouts of delight everywhere. The floating aroma of coffee and candy floss only fuelled the unmistakable feeling in the air; summer is here.

The Cooks Beach Carnival 2024 stayed true to its traditional roots of over 20 years, with things such as the popular Cooks Beach Richardsons Real Estate Daisy Dung Drop and mussel fritters, but this year hosted some new events too.

Cooks Got Talent was introduced and what an incredible success it was. We saw contestants from all over enter to dance and sing their way across the stage in front of a packed crowd of hundreds of people for their chance to win the $500 first place prize money.

Cooks Got Talent was hosted by CFM’s MC extraordinaire, Fabian. The stage was nestled between the ocean and the buzzing carnival, a layer of shade provided by the huge pines was a welcome relief from the beating hot sun. The talent show was certainly a highlight for many.

The Carnival also saw the return of the popular winning wheel. Tickets sold out in the blink of an eye because of the generous prizes donated by our amazing local business. The Coromandel Informer Games were bigger and better than anything seen in previous years. The jar throw sold out in record time, despite having more jars filled with prizes than ever before. The ‘Dunk Tank’ was a massive hit! It was entertaining to see just as many people wanting to be dunked as there were wanting to do the dunking.

The music, the crowd, the stalls, and the sun all came together to create an atmosphere of joy. As you looked around and saw families laughing together, smiles from new temporary tattoos, parents snapping photos of ecstatic children on rides -one thing was abundantly clear – this was an amazing carnival and fundraiser for Whenuakite School.