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An eventful swim across the estuary for hundreds of MBAS students

It was the 46th annual ‘across the river swim’ for Mercury Bay Area school students, years 7 to 13 last Thursday, 22nd February. It was a sunny and warm day, great for the swim.
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Many local residents and whanau came to watch the spectacle as literally over 500 students caught the ferry across to ferry landing in relays and then in age groupings swam the width of the river at the estuary across to the pier just upriver from the wharf.  It is not an easy swim at the best of times and takes quite some strength to swim against the tidal current. Historically, the current is very strong and this year’s swim was no different. One quite large group of students was carried by the current to the seaward side of the wharf. All were in good spirits coming out of the water 200 metres from the expected finishing point at the pier. They were safe and buoyed by the adventure – teachers and lifeguards at all the points ensured every swimmer who dived into the water on one side landed safely on the other. It was well organised yet had a sense of freedom and fun about it. Some students brought along inflatables to enjoy their time in the water, still doing the distance but not in a competitive racing mode.

The community congratulates the students and staff for sharing this with them and for the care and organisation shown to ensure everyone could swim yet be safe and noticed in the water.