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A remarkable village of 450 Day Camp has been running for 24 years

This is the village – 301 children as day campers, over 50 teenagers as leaders, 85 adults as operations, elective leaders, song leaders, counsellors and guides with one Captain at the head makes up the village. In addition, there is beautiful farm and ocean environment, the highly tuned and meticulously organised programme with fantastic equipment, confident and loving leadership and a spirit of Christian ethics imbues everything.
 |  Pauline Stewart  | 
Mercury Bay should be very proud of this 24-year achievement and community members and leaders will do well to keep checking how they can support and help sustain and even grow this remarkable programme that now bring families to Whitianga or Cook’s Beach  and Hahei so that children can go to the Day Camp.   65 teenage leaders give of their time to make day camp a success

Day Camp is three-day, annual day camp for primary age children and young people run by the Mercury Bay Community Support Trust on the farm owned by Graham and Selma Morcom’s Family Trust at Cook’s Beach. This year it ran from Tuesday 16 April to Thursday 18 April

The camp registrations were full – 300 children. The big challenge was to find enough teen leaders and adult assistant for all of the electives which are adventurous and challenging and more than that they are in many cases extreme   fun for the children and young people – archery, mudslide, water slide, kayaks, carpentry, climbing wall, archery, camp firers and cooking,  to name a few. In the end 301 children plus 85 adult assistants and 65 teens formed the village community that was the Mercury Bay Day Camp on the Marcom’s farm at Cook’s Beach.

There is a huge team of volunteers who spend weeks organising the detail.

For example, 250 of the children travel on the ferry from Whitianga to Ferry Landing and then catch a bus relay to the Morcom’s farm. Every elective runs several sessions over the three days and each time  supplies and situations are refreshed and checked. Skilled and experienced adults are there, for example Graeme Coleman of Chester Plumbing was there for the two days to help the children at carpentry. Damon Christensen of Diode Electrical Services was really a ‘Man Friday’ before and during the Day Camp, as well as providing the technical machinery needed for speakers and singers to be heard in the giant marquee and for announcements to be made across the farm. Health and Safety precautions are a priority but not a burden for the children.

Graeme Coleman of Chester Plumbing leading the children’s carpentry elective; captain Tina Bartlett with the winner Kalissa Moisa of the Peninsula Roofing leadership scholarship.

The key is the Captain, Tina Bartlett;  her organisation, talented leadership and her love for the whole team especially the children, speaks for itself.

If you are interested in assisting at next years Day Camp Call 0272466164 and speak to Maureen Kerr.