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Film and Photography

Richard Halbert-Chrisp – a friend of film

Richard, who is world travelled chose to take a break here in Whitianga. Over his life he has sampled many things in the world of art and culture. One of his most constant sources of employment has been as a Film Critic for daily papers in New Zealand.
 |  Stan Stewart  | 

The French Film Festival held fro 29 may to 12 June was the reason he was in Whitianga. He saw almost all the films. “This was a feast of film excellence. What better way to spend a winter break! And apart from the films there was the beauty of Whitianga and so many restaurants to enjoy”.

Richard is living in Coromandel with his partner Uli and he spends much time caring for Uli who is now wheelchair bound. This time in Whitianga was for Richard, a holiday respite. Richard is also a prolific artist and his work adorns many walls on the Coromandel and overseas.

He was full of praise for our local cinemas and the proprietors, Anne Marie and Matt McDougall. “They are warm and generous and their willingness to use their facility to promote important cinema productions is to be commended” says Richard. The Informer agrees with this assessment. In our view the Mercury Twin Cinemas are one of our town’s greatest assets.

Something to ponder.

The Film Festival is a straw in the wind

Whitianga could/should become a Festival Town – hosting all kinds of significant cultural, musical and educational events.

What the Mercury Bay Cinemas is doing could be part of the attraction to this town and district. Richard chose to come here in the bleak mid-winter for a Film Festival. Along with many others, we at The Informer would like to make Whitianga a weather-proof location. That is, to give people reasons for coming to our town and district which are not reliant on ‘beach’ weather.

What The Lost Spring is proposing, is a main menu item to which events and festivals would be an added attraction to stay for longer periods. Let’s think about, talk about, other cultural events, educational events which could take place here that are not weather dependent. We have heard whispers of a ‘Writers Conference’. That sounds like a great idea! What do you think? Suggestions! Letters to the editor. Always glad to talk – Stan Stewart 021 362 489