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French Film festival in Whitianga

24 films Thurs 30 May to Wed 12 June
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121 mins Rated M Adventure – 3 screenings: Thurs 30 May & Sat 1 June & Sat 8 June Time: 7.00pm


114 mins Rated M Action – This is the second part. Watch D’ARTAGNAN first


120 mins. Rated M Comedy – 3 screenings: Thursday 30 May & Mon 3 June & Sat 8 June. Time: 11.00am

A wildly entertaining new comedy starring two compulsive spenders who get much more than they bargained for when they try and scam their way out of trouble. A DIFFICULT YEAR delivers both laughs and pathos in spades, thanks to the directors’ ongoing faith in humanity’s desire to change. It’s a must-see entertainment.


96 mins Rated M Comedy – Fri 31 May Time: 11.00am

Toni has spent her entire life putting other people’s needs before her own. When 20 years old, she was pushed by her mother to join a TV singing competition, becoming a national star. Twenty years and five children later, all her time and effort is raising her teenage kids. She begins to imagine what her life could be if she did what she really wanted.

But the ghost of her husband follows Sidonie: she will have to finally let go of the past.


103 mins. Rated M Comedy – 2 screenings: Fri 31 May & Sat 8 June Time: 8.00pm

The chance of winning the lottery is one in 19 million, but for the characters of Lucky Winners, this dream quickly turns into an explosive and hilarious nightmare. This rollercoaster of a black comedy explores themes of sudden fortune and its unexpected consequences.


93 mins Rated PG (Sexual references) Drama – 2 screenings: Fri 31 May & Wed 12 June Time: 5.45pm

The beginning of love, the meeting of two characters who embody France and Japan…

Sidonie Perceval, an established French writer, is mourning her deceased husband.

Invited to Japan for the reedition of her first book, she is welcomed by her local editor who takes her to Kyoto, the city of shrines and temples. As they travel together through the Japanese spring blossoms, she slowly opens up to him.


97 Mins Rated M Comedy – 2 screenings: Sat 1 June & Sun 9 June Time: 11.45am

This inspiring family-friendly film resonates with everyone who has ever refused to compromise their dreams and stood up against those who said no. Set within one of France’s most prestigious cultural institutions – the Paris Opera Ballet School – 12-year-old ballet dancer Neneh discovers that her extraordinary natural talent and focused discipline may not be enough to win the approval of the school’s harsh and discriminatory headmistress. This charming feel-good film is a must-see for families and ballet enthusiasts of all ages.


93 mins Rated M Drama – 2 screenings: Sat 1 June & Mon 10 June Time: 4.45pm

Bernadette expected to finally get the position she deserved when she arrived to the Elysée Palace because she had always worked behind her husband’s back to elect him president. She took revenge by becoming a major media figure.


98 mins Rated M Comedy – 2 screenings: Sat 1 June & Wed 12 June Time: 7.00pm

“They’re not”. This is how Iris (Calamy) quietly answers her chiropractor when asked how things are going with her husband (Vincent Elbaz). The words slip from her mouth. And she thinks – How long has it been since they made love? Yet everything else is going great. The couple love each other, they have two happy daughters, she runs a successful medical practice and has the best friends one could hope for. But soon Iris wil be turning 50….


101 mins Rated M Drama – 2 screenings: Sun 2 June & Mon 10 June Time: 11.00am

Prepare yourself for a film that deftly weaves drama, romance and duels – promising an edge-of-your-seat experience where every sword clash heralds change. Legendary swordsman Clément Lacaze becomes entangled in an illegal fencing bout between his nephew and a far more experienced army colonel.

There are 14 more movies to come in the next week or two.