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French Film festival in Whitianga 24 films

Thursday 30 May to Wednesday 12 June Mercury Twin Cinemas
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128 mins Rated M (content that may disturb) Adventure. Wed 6 June Time: 5.45pm

In the near future, a mysterious phenomenon strikes humanity and unexplained mutations in the near gradually transform parts of the population into human-animal hybrids. The creatures, considered a threat are sent to specialised centre in an attempt to stop their mutations from progressing and to control their apparent violent tendencies. A convoy bringing hybrids to a new facility crash in a forest, paranoia spreads in the local community. François and his 16-year-old son Emile embark on a desperate search for his missing wife Lena who disappeared after the crash. Emile, starts to notice transformations in his own body, leaving his fate increasingly uncertain. But as he secretly bonds with creatures he met in the forest, Emile opens his eyes to their humanity.


114 mins Rated M. Drama. Thurs 6 June Time: 10.45am

Immerse yourself in a tale of obsession, genius, and self-discovery set within the world of elite academia at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris in this 2023 Cannes Film Festival contender. Marguerite is a brilliant young mathematician who refuses to let her status as the lone woman in her class hinder her pursuit of excellence. However, her world crumbles when a new student discovers a flaw in her thesis, and her supervisor dismisses her for being too emotional. Marguerite must now navigate the real world, unearthing new insights, and even exploring the possibility of romance. A crowd-pleasing and life-affirming film.


138 mins. Rated M Biography. Friday 7June Time: 10.45am

A sweeping and deeply-affecting new historical epic charts the extraordinary life of the titular priest and humanitarian (1912-2007) who, throughout a tumultuous span of modern history, advocated for those most in need whilst frequently placing himself in peril and at risk of ostracisation from the church.

Born in Lyon, the fifth of eight Catholic children, Henri Grouès plans to join the monastery, only for WWII to intervene. Learning of the persecution of Jews and patriots, he joins the French Resistance to help those fleeing oppression by the Gestapo, himself forced to use several false identities to avoid capture. As “Abbé Pierre”, Henri is exposed to the devastation of war, but also bears witness to the compassion and strength of brotherhood and the liberation of Paris.


110 mins Rated PG Comedy. Sun 9 June Time: 4.45pm

This highly anticipated romantic comedy stars th dynamic du of john Malkovich and fancy Ardant. Malkovich is the charming British Businessman, Andrew blake. In a twist of fate, Blake becomes the butler of a once-distinguished manor house, owned by the elegant, aloof Madame de Beauvilier. The staff and resident long for better days. A heat warming cinematic experience.


101 mins Rated M Drama. Sun 9 June Time: 7.00pm

The remarkable Emmanuelle Devos and Daniel Auteuil – two of France’s finest and most-awarded actors – a gripping and provocative new drama from acclaimed writer/director Joachim Lafosse, the story of a married couple and their adopted son who grapple with the fallout after a long-held family secret is exposed. Inspired by true events that shocked France – is a disquieting exploration of family duty, complicity and coercive  control.