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A drama for all ages including children

An expertly crafted solo performance, delivered by a veteran of the New Zealand stage. John Davies inhabits nine characters, bringing to life an extraordinary corner of our history.
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A Scottish lad of 10 is driven into slavery aboard His Majesty’s ships, circa 1800. After 15 years at sea, he is cast onto the shoreline of Aotearoa. The fight for survival begins.

Te Tupua – The Goblin is  written and performed by  well-known author and celebrated performer, John Davies who celebrates 50 years as a theatre practitioner.

John lives in Auckland.

Early 19th century in Aotearoa was a dynamic time. Māori were becoming aware they were no longer alone, and that other races from the north were coming. Pākehā who lived here at that time forged an existence on Māori terms. The recorded experiences are vivid and fraught with danger, yet these stories reveal deep alliances, friendships, marriages, and hard-won loyalties. John explains, “When I go out into that space, the stage, I feel connected to all the ancient storytellers who would engage their audience and transform them to another world. That’s me, I’m one of those.”

In Te Tupua – The Goblin, the appearance of the past is made possible using a traditional theatrical device, which is the mask.

This play is suitable for ages 10 and up.

“We were gripped for the whole show, the story, the performance, absolutely outstanding!

Sunday, 5 May 7.00 pm

Monkey House Lounge & Cabaret, Coghill Street,   Whitianga  $20 Tickets: Eventfinda