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Two of the top bands at Coro Classic

From Family Jam Sessions to Global Stages
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From Family Jam Sessions to Global Stages

Coterie’s dynamic was on full display at the Coro Classic, where they treated fans to a new song set to be released in the coming months. The response? Nothing short of electric. The enthusiasm of the crowd was a clear indicator that Coterie’s new music is eagerly awaited.

This headline act at Coro Classic 2024 has truly made its mark both in New Zealand and across the seas. Our media team caught up with the members of Coterie just after their performance.

Coterie is a band of four brothers, born in New Zealand and raised in Perth. In what seems like a predestined path to stardom, the brothers were each gifted instruments and encouraged to explore music from a young age, although they did have to improvise a bit when it came to finding a drummer.

Their story is one of family, music, and a series of fortunate events that led to their explosive growth. Coterie has been making waves in the music industry with their hit single “Cool It Down,” but their journey started much earlier and closer to home. It began with a serendipitous call from the popular band 660, inviting Coterie to tour with them – a tour that would kickstart a whirlwind of subsequent tours across Australia, Scotland, and the UK, ultimately propelling them to the global stage.

One might think that being in a band with siblings could come with its fair share of challenges, but for Coterie, it’s quite the opposite. The brothers view their time together as one extended holiday, a sentiment that reflects the joy they find in each other’s company and the music they create. Their bond makes the inevitable band squabbles easy to navigate, having honed the art of resolution over a lifetime.

While the brothers travel the world and call Australia a base, their Kiwi roots remain strong. They talk of London’s vibe and the particular affinity the city has for Kiwi bands, something they’ve experienced first-hand.

Auckland’s Own NO CIGAR steals spotlight at Coro Classic!

NO CIGAR, a band that has become a fixture on the New Zealand music scene, delivered yet another stellar performance at this year’s Coro Classic at Matarangi on Saturday, 6 January. Since their formation in 2019, No Cigar has evolved from a band playing to familia faces at Rhythm and Vines to commanding stages worldwide, their music resonating with fans in distant locales as much as it does at home.

NO CIGAR’s rise has been meteoric. After their EP ‘Radical Road’ caught the attention of the local music scene with its psychedelic rock vibes, they focused on engaging with their growing fanbase. The release of their debut album ‘Bienvenido’ only added to their momentum, earning them airplay on major radio stations and packing venues across the country.

The band’s foray into international tours began in Australia in early 2023, where they were met with an enthusiastic reception. “The Aussie crowds were so engaged,” they recalled, a difference they attributed to performing to fans rather than mates. This success overseas was replicated in Europe. A show in London, initially booked at a small venue, had to be upgraded repeatedly as the tickets kept selling out, a testament to their broad appeal.

Back home at Coro Classic, the band reflected on their journey, with the sun on their faces and the energy of the crowd lifting their spirits – a sharp contrast to the previous year’s logistical hurdles due to the weather. It’s clear that NO CIGAR thrives on live performances, that direct connection with the audience fuelling their passion.

As they consider the future, NO CIGAR is not in a rush. With two albums now under their belt, they plan to let their music resonate, possibly looking for a publishing and distribution deal for their next project. Their story, from jam sessions to headlining shows, underscores the power of passion and the unifying force of music.