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Three Great Nights at The Coroglen Tavern

The Tavern brought the region an outstanding menu of events this Christmas New year and this continues throughout January.
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Tiki Taane: Soundscapes of a Musical Alchemist

Coroglen Tavern – a standout venue

Tiki Taane was the main act, Saturday, 30 December at Coroglen. Tiki’s name is synonymous with innovation in the New Zealand music scene. He shared with The Informer about his life’s journey, from his early days in Christchurch to achieving international acclaim as a musician.

 Tiki started his first band at 14, in what he describes as a heavy metal thrash punk band, and began performing at 15, quickly realising that his future lay in music. Driven by a strong passion for sound and performance, he skipped the usual teenage jobs and instead dove into the technical side of music by learning sound engineering. By the time he was 18, Tiki was mixing for nearly every band in Christchurch, juggling the knobs and faders by night and strumming the guitar by day. His big break came when Salmonella Dub asked the young sound engineer to join them. Tiki eventually became a part of the band’s core, stepping into the role of the frontman before also venturing out as a solo artist.


Music, for Tiki, was never about the money. “All I really wanted to do was play music with my friends and see the world.” And see the world he did, with a tally that includes 29 European tours and countless performances across the continents, with fans in Canada, South Africa, and the United States. Now at 47, Tiki looks back on a storied career with gratitude. “Music keeps you young,” he says, attributing his youthful spirit to his lifelong passion.

Tiki’s ambitions continue to evolve. “I’ve been doing a lot of producing… for bands, for DJs, for all sorts of stuff,” he notes, expressing a desire to delve deeper into music for film. Whether he’s playing for thirty or 3,000, Tiki Taane gives it his all. His parting wisdom reflects his philosophy: “You can’t fly like an eagle if you’re hanging out with turkeys.” His rhythm and vibe continues to resonate, inspiring the next wave of artists to chase their dreams, just as he did. The amazing Saturday concert included Racing, Black Comet, Dolphin Friendly and Flaxxes.

At Mercury Bay Club, The Spring Chickens played and sang to a large audience who actually dance- boogey, line, ballroom and jive.  At Grace O’Malley’s, Phil Hart was in fine form with his truck stage becoming a makeshift corner of Gracie’s because of the rain. The weather dampened nothing at any of the venues.

At the Monkey House and Whitianga Hotel, the DJ’s brought their funk and creativity, gathering enthusiastic crowds at both venues.  Smitty’s Bar and Grill presented One, One One with legend, Colin Williams and his band. Once again there was really just room to enjoy the music, buy a drink and hug a friend.

Everywhere, people, despite the copious amounts of alcohol consumers, were merry and colourful. Security staff were mindful, alert but considerate at everyone of these.

Caption: Tiki Taane performing.