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A Taste of Matarangi – a wonderful festival enjoyed by thousands

The festival was every bit a sumptuous ‘taste’ of Matarangi – the entire space of the Village Green was energetic and colourful with tents, stages, flags, stalls and a few thousand people. The sound of music coming from one central stage was joyful and relaxing.
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Time passes but no one is watching the time. People have come from all over the North Island to enjoy. Even the security guards are chilled, enjoying the crowds.  There is no angst to be found.

Everywhere the centre stage music was being soaked up by the full range of ages.  The styles or genres of the music differed, but the essence of dancing was in every note. By the time Sugafix took the stage following Francie Lidgard, Cosha and Black and Gold; the crowds were on their feet just grooving to the rhythm and feeling that remaining summer warmth, even with the overcast sky. Now and again a large number of voices would burst into song led by the band while those further from the stage sampled the food, sipped their wine and chatted with friends. This very activity is regarded as the destination at A Taste of Matarangi. No one is filling in time waiting for something better.

Children play at the Village Green playground, have their face painted or enjoy the thrill of a go-cart ride with their parents. Many teenagers graze the attractions and food in groups while a host of their peers are engaged with the hospitality crews serving food and drinks. There is a buzz of happiness in the air.

Fabian Robert’s of Coromandel CFM did a gregarious job in his role as MC and drew lots of involvement and competitive hands in the air with his hosting of the auctions.  Prizes vied for in these auctions were of high value and the festival’s two local charitable causes were universally supported in this way as well as with the very popular bucket drop.  Te Rerenga School  and Kuaotunu Search and Rescue were again the chosen charities. Te Rerenga is the key local primary school just a few kilometres away. It shines as a school academically, as well as with sport, art and cultural activities. Matarangi and  Kuaotunu are home for many of the school’s students.

Kuaotunu Search and Rescue’s dedicated volunteers were out in force at A Taste of Matarangi. They come from all over -beyond Mercury Bay to Coromandel.  The funds for training people, the right equipment and resources to search for, locate and rescue people in any situation are greatly needed across the region.

The option to donate online when purchasing tickets ensured that the charitable spirit extended beyond the festival grounds.

The day was truly what the advertising said – a unique blend of gourmet indulgence, entertainment and community support, making the A Taste of Matarangi  a not-to-be-missed celebration, bringing people together for a day of dining, in lush picnic style with so many choices of delicious food, drinking your favourite wine, beer, fruit juice or mix,  enjoying the funky and lay back music, and drifting lazily to the grassy dance floor with your friends.

There is a deep gratitude across the community for the months of work done by the organising team and the sponsors they have assembled, who, together, have so generously made the A Taste of Matarangi such a fantastic success.

More about A Taste of Matarangi next week.