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Voices from Gallipoli’ a one man show

Mark Wright, New Zealand actor, writer and raconteur kept a full house at the Monkey House transfixed for nearly two hours with his one man show ‘Voices from Gallipoli’. His presentation was perfect.
 |  Stan Stewart  | 

His glimpses into Gallipoli, confronting, amusing, gut wrenching.  I left feeling the whole town should see this – no – the whole of New Zealand and Australia should see this.

The small set was perfect. The centre piece being a hat rack with the hats of the characters Mark would play. The songs before the show and interspersed in the show were popular songs from the World War One era.

Against the background of the impossible, murderous, suicidal assault on the Gallipoli terrain Mark confronted us with the people of the Gallipoli conflict. The toffee-nosed commanding officer from Sandhurst, the raw and courageous kiwi country boys, the brash Aussie, the matron, the nurses, the Turks. He took us into the trenches and onto a hospital ship. Our stomachs soured as we were confronted with rations in the trenches. My heart broke for young men whose lives were ended before they had begun. On one level we had heard it all before. But the way Mark told it I felt it was all new, painfully, achingly new.

Thank you Mark for conceiving this project. There is a danger that with the passing of the years Gallipoli will be remembered in form but through familiarity the impact of the event will become ho-hum. Your production of ‘Voices from Gallipoli’ awakened us. Gallipoli will never be the same because of you work and artistry. Thank you.

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