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Dance and Drama

‘The Secret Case of Sherlock Homes’ terrific!

Mercury Bay Area School’s production – This was a student led, and student produced production. The comedy drama, “The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes” was presented on Saturday, 29 June and Sunday, 30  June, In the School Hall.
 |  Stan Stewart  | 

It was amazing. Although the story revolved around dastardly deeds and murder, it wasn’t scary and mostly amusing.

Top marks for the set and the staging. And what’s more, all the audience could see everything. The front stall consisted of two rows of seating on the floor adjacent to the stage. The rest of the audience were seated on stepped bleachers.

It was a pity that programmes were not available. This means that the audience didn’t know the names of all the actors in the play. Clearly the cast was drawn from across the college forms – not just final year students.

Some of the smaller and we assume younger players made a big impact – speaking out and acting up with verve.

The two-act play told the story of Sherlock Holmes and Watson being transported by some kind of time machine, (similar to the BBC’s ‘Doctor Who’) to the current era. They landed in a mental hospital where patients were all suffering identity delusion, believing they were characters from history – cinema and/or literature – e.g., Queen Victoria, George Washington, Marilyn Munroe, Count Dracula. Sherlock was considered he was a patient suffering the delusion of being the famous detective of yesteryear. Throw in a incompetent Police Inspector, a practice psychiatrist a time machine transported ‘Tarzan’ and you have a great setting for murder and mayhem

Well done Mercury Bay  Area School students! Special accolades go to the Producer, Samuel Ribet.

Thanks go to Mr Dave Mulholland for his sound expertise and operation.

The cast and assistants: Summer Acke, Charlotte Allen, Stella Baldwin, Zhyrra Jumapao, Tom Lamason, Tyler Marsh, Marlene Martin, Abbey McLean, Connor McLean, Liam Morgsn, Gabriel Noble, Antonin Ribet, Elliott Ribet, Heiden Seath, Bella Van Vlerken , Leni Whale, Isabella Whale, Billy Wisdom, Jade Wooten Murphy and Dylan Cotterell.