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Transformative Mercury Bay Art Escape Artists

Stunning views of sea and shoreline from Christina McGrath’s studio mirrors her passion for the sea and is the creative inspiration behind her unique art.
 |  Lynette Gaia  | 

A wellness specialist and coach in energy medicine, yoga, nutrition and sports massage, Christina works with fluid acrylic and resins in rich polished blues, greens, sands and white on recycled surf boards, wooden tables, big and small rounds and all sizes of framed and natural canvases. Her mesmerising compositions depict the fluid elements of wave formations and shorelines against the immersive power of the ocean.

Christina lets the flow on the canvas dictate the shapes and complexity of her seascapes. Therefore, each piece is unique and Christina describes her highly personal art as unlocking the depths of the ocean and encouraging connection and creativity.

Anniemieke Kregting is well known name to locals from years of caring for injured and lost birds at the Kuaotunu Bird Rescue Trust.  Her keen knowledge of the anatomy, structure and features of birds has now transferred to the medium of mosaic art and the wildlife of the Coromandel serves as her inspiration. She believes strongly in recycling materials and her unique style uses mainly china from local op shops.

Barry Hishon in a previous life was an electrical/electronic tradie. Today he swings a hammer to move steel and has taken the bold step of working from his gallery and smithy in Hahei as a full-time artisan blacksmith.

A half day course with a blacksmith fuelled his creative spark and he discovered working with red hot steel mesmerising and fulfilling.

With a strong sense of the history and tradition of hand forged steel artistry from the past, Barry works with both new and recycled materials to create aesthetically pleasing handcrafted pieces with both function and beauty.

Visit these and other artists in their studios over the first 2 weekends in March of the Mercury Bay Art Escape Open Studios.

Tickets and artist information on the MBAE website.