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Thank you from the Whitianga Filipino Community…

“Whitianga is a great little town, you live in a place with nice beaches and great scenery.” This is what we often hear from visitors coming to Whitianga. This town has a mix of diverse races and cultures, Filipinos included.
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The gathering in Whitianga Town Hall on National Independence Day.

The 126th Philippines Independence Day celebration, held Saturday, 8 June 2024 was joined by not only the Filipino community, but also our extended family in the Whitianga community.

We shared the success of the event with everyone who joined and witnessed as we expressed our culture through dance, hospitality and the scrumptious spread of food we enjoyed together.

We are thankful to all the guests who brought their specialty dishes. We truly appreciate the overwhelming feedback we received.

On behalf of the Whitianga Filipino Community

Thank you to our generous sponsors for their support:- Aj Motors; AIA Insurance; Greenstone Immigration Recruitment; Paper Plus Whitianga; Victory Lawn Care; Mr and Mrs John Paul Nistal; Mr and Mrs Alfaras; Mr and Mrs Bill Beard; Mr and Mrs Motchino Baroro; Jocelyn Mahmud.

We would like to extend our appreciation to:-

• Coromandel National MP MrScott Simpson

• Thames Coromandel Mayor Len Salt and his wife Svargo.

• Mercury Bay Board member, Bess Kingi.

It was a great honour for joining us to our event.

A special thank you to:- Pauline and Stan Stewart for standing alongside our Filipino Community and for their sponsorship with The Coromandel Informer.

Whitianga Crossroad Church and Whitianga Baptist Church for allowing us to use their building for us to practise

This is an event we are truly proud of thanks to the efforts of everyone in the Filipino community. This only proves to show the “bayanihan spirit” still lives within us.

Through the spirit of “bayanihan,” we will continue to help Whitianga community.

God bless you all!

Marissa Mclachlan

Whitianga Filipino Community President