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Filipinos celebrated Christmas

It was not organised by a business or an organisation or a club or an association. There was no pool of money from which to resource it. The resources came from the pockets and cupboards of those who hosted the party and did the inviting. The invitation wasn’t public, yet the invitations went wide. Those invited were people met along the way, and colleagues, bosses, hosts, and those who had shown a kindness or the actions of a friend.

The Filipino Christmas party was organised by the Filipino people who live in Whitianga. They gathered 160 people at the home of Bill and Camilla Beard only half of whom were Filipino. The rest were a general mix of the community – kiwis, plus a half dozen other races.    

The whole event was imbued with an infectious energy and friendliness. The dancing and live music gave joy to teens young adults, babies, super oldies and everyone in between. The array and quantity of food was a banquet.

The Filipino people in Mercury Bay believe in Christmas – the story and the spirit.  Their generosity, sense of gratitude and hard work make them a force of goodwill in this region. They enrich our economy and the strength of our community connection.