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Extravaganza Fair –a lifestyle and a gift of entertainment.

The three-day Extravaganza Fair is on the road again for its summer tour of the Coromandel Peninsula, after spending three days in Whitianga at Buffalo Beach between Christmas and New Year.
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There are about 60 members of this travelling fair who with their wide range of combined skills and experience, put together a festival-fair event and atmosphere of Tarot card readers, hand readers and past life readers; real tattoos; henna tattoos; hair beading; dreadlocks; various arts and crafts; crystals; jewellery; clothing; kids’ rides (including a curious pedal-driven children’s roundabout, one of only four manufactured in New Zealand),  live music from talented singers and musicians; health juices and smoothies, fairy floss and a variety of home-prepared food stalls.

It is very relaxed and family friendly and what’s important to note, is that the Extravaganza Fair is not just people coming together to have stalls. This is a lifestyle and provides a way for families to make a living on the road – an alternative lifestyle but where you could still have an income and families could home school their children.  This was their fourth time in Whitianga enriching the holiday experience for many and making the Buffalo Beach frontage so festive and colourful.

In the winter, the members of the EXTRAVAGANZA FAIR do their own thing; many have land or houses or visit family, and it’s time to maintain and repair their remarkable vehicles which really do bring to front and centre, an alternative lifestyle which has become more popular and at times necessary for our economic and climate change environment.