Coastguard News

07 Sep 2021

Last month was obviously impacted by Covid, thus there hasn’t been too much water-based activity.

We had three call-outs of a general nature prior to lockdown, one being to tow a boat that was six nautical miles over the 12 nautical mile limit of the Coastguard Rescue vessel survey certificates. While over our survey limits, Coastguard will still attend these call-outs as we would rather act in a preventative manner than have it evolve into an urgent call-out.

The third year of our Alan Jackson Memorial Cadet programme has been completed and planning is starting soon for next year’s programme. Congratulations again to all the cadets for their efforts and for passing the course.

Our AGM has been postponed until Saturday, 25 September at 11:00am in the Whitianga Coastguard shed. This date is obviously subject to our area being in an appropriate Covid alert level.

Our additional Coastguard vessel (from the America’s Cup) has been delayed by a couple of months due to the short supply of various items required to complete the fitout. Prior to this latest lockdown, we were expecting it around late November. However, planning of the fitout has been ongoing and hopefully, fingers crossed, we will have this boat sometime in December.

Now would be a good time to start planning boat maintenance in preparation for the upcoming summer season, especially given the current supply shortage and delays in receiving equipment that are being experienced.

Safe boating, 

Stuart Brown

President Whitianga Coastguard Unit

Pictured: The Whitianga Coastguard cadets who have recently completed the
2021 Alan Jackson Memorial Cadet Programme.